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The goal of ProcessExperience.Org is to provide a public knowledge base that shares the experiences of practitioners in using different software development methodologies. This portal introduces an Evidence-Based Repository of Method Fragments , in which For every method fragment (piece of a software development method), the Objectives that it aims to contribute, as well as the Requisites that are needed for its successful enactment, have been collected. As a distinguishing characteristic, this repository is evidence-based, as it provides contextual evidences from empirical studies, which explain situations in which a particular objective or requisite of a method fragment had been met or not.

For instance, Pair Programming is a method fragment, introduced as part of XP methodology. It has been studied that the enactment of pair programming contributes positively to the achievement of objectives such as Reduced Defect in Code and Faster Problem Solving. It has been also studied that the successful enactment of this method fragments depends to the provision of a set of requisites, e.g. "Equal Engagement of Pairs in Programming".

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