Method Objectives

This table lists all of the objectives that different method fragments can help (or prevent) an organization in achieving them. For more information please click here .

Major Objective Minor Objective
Enhanced Project Visibility [Related Fragments]Increased customer awareness of project progress [Related Fragments]
Increased team awareness of project plans and goals [Related Fragments]
Increased visibility of what the developers are doing [Related Fragments]
More tangible progress monitoring (due to smaller projects steps) [Related Fragments]
Improved Collaboration [Related Fragments]Closer collaboration of customer and development team [Related Fragments]
Closer collaboration with other departments [Related Fragments]
Earlier detection of redundant tasks [Related Fragments]
Elimination of redundant tasks [Related Fragments]
Facilitated clarification and refinement of requirements by customer [Related Fragments]
Higher commitment in doing a good job [Related Fragments]
Improved learning (continuous skills training) [Related Fragments]
Improved organization of individual's thoughts [Related Fragments]
Increased trust of other team members' code [Related Fragments]
More clearly defined topics for collaboration [Related Fragments]
Shorter feedback cycle from customer to development team [Related Fragments]
Supportive environment [Related Fragments]
Training new developers [Related Fragments]
Improved Communication [Related Fragments]Better understanding of customer needs [Related Fragments]
Better understanding of technical concerns by customer [Related Fragments]
End iteration with customer focus group review [Related Fragments]
Enhanced Communication with business people / project leader [Related Fragments]
Enhanced knowledge transfer [Related Fragments]
Faster expertise finding [Related Fragments]
Improved Awareness (of team(s) about the project plans/objectives) [Related Fragments]
Improved awareness (of what others are doing, better information passing) [Related Fragments]
Improved communication about drawbacks/limitations of strategies used [Related Fragments]
Improved informal communication [Related Fragments]
Improved knowledge sharing (among team members) [Related Fragments]
Improved transparency of process to client [Related Fragments]
Increased communication between teams [Related Fragments]
Increased frequency of communication [Related Fragments]
Plan iteration duration with customer [Related Fragments]
Real-time knowledge transfer [Related Fragments]
Shared understanding of what is going right/wrong with task [Related Fragments]
Improved Effectiveness (performance) [Related Fragments]Avoid injecting defects during maintenance [Related Fragments]
Be focussed on work [Related Fragments]
Be on-time to market [Related Fragments]
Can prototype working units of the system [Related Fragments]
Controlled risks per iteration [Related Fragments]
Decrease reliance on particular programmer [Related Fragments]
Determine iteration tasks [Related Fragments]
Development delays be removed [Related Fragments]
Development obstacles detected [Related Fragments]
Earlier Detection of Development issues [Related Fragments]
Earlier defect detection [Related Fragments]
Earlier detection of redundant tasks [Related Fragments]
Eliminate time spent adding unnecessary code [Related Fragments]
Elimination of redundant tasks (Reduced Rework) [Related Fragments]
Facilitate code maintenance [Related Fragments]
Facilitate problem solving [Related Fragments]
Facilitate simple design [Related Fragments]
Faster coding [Related Fragments]
Faster feedback [Related Fragments]
Faster problem solving [Related Fragments]
Frequent and tangible deliverables [Related Fragments]
Improved code understandability [Related Fragments]
Improved creativity potential [Related Fragments]
Improved defect resolution [Related Fragments]
Improved design quality [Related Fragments]
Increase ad hoc code reusability [Related Fragments]
Increased productivity [Related Fragments]
Increased responsiveness [Related Fragments]
Less functionality to maintain [Related Fragments]
Manage business value delivery [Related Fragments]
Manage quality control [Related Fragments]
Others can improve code [Related Fragments]
Reduced code redundancy [Related Fragments]
Reduced defects in code (more correctness) [Related Fragments]
Reduced development cost [Related Fragments]
Reduced need for documentation [Related Fragments]
Reduced risk of misunderstood requirements [Related Fragments]
Reduction of test effort [Related Fragments]
Set the stage for increased productivity [Related Fragments]
Shorter time to fix defects [Related Fragments]
Support continuous design environment [Related Fragments]
Testers and designers work as a team [Related Fragments]
Waste time optimizing non-performance-critical code [Related Fragments]
Welcoming changing requirements during project [Related Fragments]
Within-budget project completion [Related Fragments]
preventing teams from focusing on items with lower priority [Related Fragments]
Improved Job Satisfaction [Related Fragments]Better sense of written code [Related Fragments]
Build trust [Related Fragments]
Improved sense of being visible [Related Fragments]
Increased sense of teamwork [Related Fragments]
No personal responsibility for particular aspects [Related Fragments]
Opportunity to work on different tasks [Related Fragments]
Team members work together [Related Fragments]
Improved Motivation [Related Fragments]Improved sense of achievement [Related Fragments]
Improved sense of recognition [Related Fragments]
Improved sense of responsibility [Related Fragments]
Improved Product/Code Quality [Related Fragments]Customer involved in writing tests [Related Fragments]
Estimate/target improvement gain [Related Fragments]
Improve understanding of code [Related Fragments]
Improved reliability of product [Related Fragments]
More expandable design [Related Fragments]
Reduce complexity of code [Related Fragments]
Reduce entropy [Related Fragments]
Reduced product defects [Related Fragments]
Improved Project Management [Related Fragments]Easily separate development workload by team [Related Fragments]
Empower project manager [Related Fragments]
Handling flexibility of requirements [Related Fragments]
Justifying time spent with development team [Related Fragments]
More Tangible Progress Monitoring [Related Fragments]
More Visibility of Individuals' Work [Related Fragments]
More Visibility of Project [Related Fragments]
Prioritize tasks [Related Fragments]
Sustainable development pace [Related Fragments]
Improved Project Planning [Related Fragments]Accurate project scheduling [Related Fragments]
Avoid long trail of bugs at the end of project [Related Fragments]
Clear Definition of iteration goal [Related Fragments]
Defining tasks, implementable during an iteration [Related Fragments]
Earlier detection of critical and time-consuming components [Related Fragments]
Flexible (yet fixed) iteration plan [Related Fragments]
Higher participation of customer in planning [Related Fragments]
Improved awareness of stakeholders about project plan [Related Fragments]
Increased participation in decision-making [Related Fragments]
Increased predictability of project [Related Fragments]
Manageable project plan [Related Fragments]
More realistic prioritization of tasks [Related Fragments]
Improved Requirements Elicitation [Related Fragments]Efficient elicitation of the stakeholder-specific requirements [Related Fragments]
Extract more information [Related Fragments]
Improved communication between analyst and customer [Related Fragments]
Improved understanding of the domain (weaknesses, roles, boundaries) [Related Fragments]
Improved user participation [Related Fragments]
Improved System Analysis [Related Fragments]Faster System Analysis [Related Fragments]
Reusable Analysis Documents [Related Fragments]
Improved Team Management [Related Fragments]All team members voices heard [Related Fragments]
Decisions discussed and agreed upon more effectively [Related Fragments]
Enhanced Self-Organizing (self-task/time management) [Related Fragments]
Higher Commitment of Team Members [Related Fragments]
Reduced Staffing Risk [Related Fragments]
Increased Customer Satisfaction [Related Fragments]Gradually receive the system, starting with high priority items [Related Fragments]
Increased Programmer Expertise [Related Fragments]Instant learning from your own code [Related Fragments]
Reduce Staffing Risk [Related Fragments]